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Christopher Bauman

An Oregon real estate broker specializing in properties in Eugene, Springfield, and Veneta describes ChristopherB well. However, his friends and clients also know him as a loving father, a devoted husband, and as a skydiving junkie.

Christopher gets to do what he loves every single day by living his life to the fullest in Eugene. At work, he takes pleasure in making his customers’ dreams of homeownership come true.

Finding the right home for somebody has the potential to change a life. Christopher feels privileged to be a part of that process every day that he goes to work. The whole Bauman family is extremely outdoor-oriented. They feel fortunate to call the Eugene and Springfield areas of Oregon as their home and playground.

Call Christopher today at (541) 632-2045.

Christopher Bauman

The Values of Service

When hiring service providers, clients should expect more than just a minimal level of skill, therefore expecting an experienced professional to want to work for you is not unreasonable. Competence isn’t a feature of a business, it’s an expectation of the client. It defines character and what clients can expect. A combination of what you have learned in formal training and the skills that you’ve developed by serving clients forms competence. You can’t fake that.

Competence is just one of the core values that are the foundation of our services! Click below to read them all.


“Very informative, easy going, timely. Alyssa’s help and timeliness was also noticed and appreciated! I also feel that the amount of extra things he set up for or helped us set up was awesome (inspection, repairs, secondary inspections, other appointments, garbage service, eweb, leaves pick up) Over all he was casual and relaxed but really got things done well and quickly.”

Lauren S., Eugene, OR

“We first met Christopher during a showing he had. Buying a home is never easy but we have to say that Christopher did a great job in making the best experience we had. The hardest part of this whole experience is buying during the holidays and trying to make sure, we got in before Christmas so our children would have somewhat of a “normal” Christmas. Christopher was on top of everything and was very responsive. He helped where he could. It was tough getting to certain things due to distance but Christopher always offered to help. He truly is a great person and continues to do what he can to make us happy. He doesn’t just treat you like a client, he treats you like friend. I would give him 10 stars, if there as an option.”

Josh B., Eugene, OR

“My experience with Christopher B Realty can be summed up as: “Christopher is energetic, ambitious, and in love with his job as a realtor!” He is okay going “off the grid” to find you the exact house you want. He isn’t afraid to reach out to others to get questions answered, and to network and find you a perfect home. It is very refreshing to have a realtor that is so very willing to help you, the customer, and show you what true customer service is all about. And, most importantly, to make buying a house something that truly is a dream come true.”

Jessica M., Springfield, OR

“Christopher was extremely helpful during the sale of my house. He came up with an excellent strategy to move my house as quickly as possible. I highly recommend his services and look forward to working with him again.”

Chris M., Eugene OR

“He got back to me within minutes of me reaching out, and remained attentive and answered all my many questions throughout the sale process. I was profoundly grateful to have such a skilled, talented and patient professional to guide me through all the piles of paperwork. With his help I felt confident that my needs were being placed first and I was getting the best possible deal. I was amazed at the speed which my condo sold and will forever recommend Christopher to my nearest and dearest. Aw heck, I’ll recommend him to everyone! I’ve never had a better real estate professional!”

Laura D., Eugene OR

“There’s no secret to my success. My knowledge, perseverance, intuition, and positive energy, are the elements that seem to work best for my clients. So that’s what I do.”

– ChristopherB.


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